Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Nica Straw

We all know that soda out of a glass bottle is amazing. BUt think of the sheer dissapointment that ensues when you order an ice cold Fanta and the lady pours it in a little plastic sandwich bag sticks a straw in it and ties it up.
Well that led me to this new business venture...A bar that serves all its drinks, beer, wine, mixed drinks, shots....all in a little plastic bag with a straw. It´ll be a little tast of Nica life in a bar, aptly named, The Nica Straw.
Booya! amazing idea.

In other news, got to hang out with some locals, under the name Alfonso de El Salvador, and go on a crazy adventure to illegally buy beer at 2am, while trying to ditch a cab driver who wasnt satisfied with the absurd amount of money he charged us to go to the make-shift beer joint in a gas station. I couldnt believe i got away from gringos for a night.

Time for an attitude adjustment. And off to the northern coast to hang at Tina la Ginga´s place.

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Neil said...

Hahaha! I'm totally down to try the plastic bags as glasses.