Monday, July 16, 2007

Making another volcano my bitch

Climbed Volcan Madras on Isla de Omatepe in Nica. The bartender in granda said Largo Nicaragua was the 3rd largest in the world. Knowing she was wrong i later found out that its the booya!
but anyways...we got our climbing on. sadly two of the scottish guys who came along had to turn back 1km and 2km into the anti climactic hike. sweet lake in the crater but no views...but climbing a volcano is still fun. and a big fat tona afterwards made it all worth while.

and hanging out on hammocks and reading COllapse all day is very relaxing.
at the second hostel, El Zopilote, this part farm makes fresh tahini and nutella, and the best chocolate liquor. the bread and pizza were also terribly amazing. too bad my back was killing me after the night´s sleep on the hammock.
but the views were incredible.
the only thing that killed the moment was Nacho, an angry spaniard that thinks all amaericans should get out of latin america even though it was his people that originally colonized central america. and he complained that turning up some amadou et miriam was ruining the vibe... so in conclusion nacho sucks and aaron and i peaced out of omatepe at 4:30 am to make it to san juan del sur.

notice: dont swim in largo nicaragua. we saw a guy pouring laftover insecticide in the lake.

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