Sunday, July 29, 2007

The ballet in Leon turned out to be a series of 6 or so ballet segments including a 15 min Swan Lake (bringing me back to the horors of Marching Band when we performed it) and an interprative dance to bjork. I wish i could have captured some of these costumes in what appeared to be a middle school dance recital gone awry.

(on a related note, just because the crappy ballet was $1.50, aren´t i still allowed to say it sucked. I cant stand these guys who relate quality to price. True the value added flavor at La Playita was better before they raised priced the last time, butthe fact that i was criticised for giving an honest assesment of shitty expression of art pisses me off.)

and the opposite of shitty art...saw some amazing modern art from central america. too bad the security guards made me delete the photos.

Its also sad to see the lack of interest in art and culture in Nicaragua. Although its there, few people besides the artists choose to recognize it. Perhaps it is because they are too busy working 12 hour days making 2-3 dollars a day and barely feeding their families. But it would be great if I were not the only one in this amazing art museum. I just think that if the people begin to embrace art and other cultural activities, they will grow more as an educated nation and be able to more easily produce wealth for themselves. ( i know i am making some stereotypes, but i have a point)

and one more thing...
The two women selling food behind the cathedral were amazing. Always providing great dinners. My trip to Leon is dedicated to them.

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