Monday, July 16, 2007

Dead Birds, Street Kids, Granada, and huge flea market!

Natasha and Jaime said they were going to be in Granda, Nicaragua, and i was tired of costa rica, so i hopped on a bus after staying up all night in San Jose. Catch some trading places on the tele and go out to this bar that i found out later was only a block from the hostel. In an attempt to grab some 4th meal, i walked through the ghetto looking like a drunk gringo finding nothing. Also managed to go to the late night bar where i spend 1 hour trying to convince Ron, who has an amazing resemblence to the dude, and the others that we needed to leave.

But the next day when Steiny arrived we got some great food in the town square. SOme Gallo withan enchilada, slaw and plantians, and some fatty beef. the beef was practically unedible to i gave it to this racist dog (barks only at black people, we call him Jefferson Davis). the enchilada was more like a cheesy fried rice concoction thaty was specacular. the huge meal was only 30 cordobas (about 1.50)
but later that night when chillin in front of a bar, these street kids who keep on begging for 1 cordoba then bring to Mike a dead bird and ask him if he wants it. kindly rejecting the offer this one kid tosses it to some others and then decides to sleep on a nearby bench. in the classic game of ´toss the dead bird´ the other kids decidd to throw the bird on the kid who was sleeping and then proceed to put it down his shirt when he woke up. i dont know why he wasnt so mad. but we knew it was time to leave when they attempted to throw the birds at us (those brats were teasing me the next day about the whole situation which had me laughing thoughout the night).

oh and a day trip to Masaya with their gigantic markets. i only picked up a couple shirts but there was so much. and i finally was able to grub on some machaca which made my day.
plus fresca is the best drink ever!

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