Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Going off the Grid

Rent a bike. Rain starts pouring. Gets stronger and stronger until i have to pull off the side of the road and dry off my clothes for an hour under an abandoned cabin.
Get to manzanillo. This guy tells me i can still make the hike but i need his socks and rubber boots to do it.
Hike through the jungle. Nobody in sight for three hours. Along the beach and back in the jungle i go, and go, and go.
Sweating, rocks in my boots, covered in mud, and no water.
Still nothing, no village as i was promised, until i finally reach the beach with the island to the left. Look around for 20 minutes and feel that im on a deserted beach until i see a little shack 200 meters down the beach. As i walk by it i see 30 13-year-olds from Inglewood crowd the Punta Mona educational center that serves as a self sustaining farm village where anywhere from 10-25 people live at a time.
Cooked, pulled weeds, got mosquito bites and made my way 45 min down the beach to this little village of gandoca where leatherback turtles breed. I only saw the babies and not the 2 meter ones.
I´d consider going back for a few weeks...its amazing how much you can learn about plants and vegitation...but then again i like traveling and eating meat...and i hate cleaning ceptic tanks.

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