Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Panama, Fuck Yea!

I never planned on going into panama. Thought i´d just make my way north from San Jose. But the first night in Costa Rica, this dude tells me that the most fun he had was in Bocas Del Toro.
Turns out a lot of people from Puerto Viejo were also going so it made sense that i should check it out.
Amd damn, i never new i could have so much fun beating kids at connect 4, sitting in hamocks people watching, meandering around a little town, and having theme parties in the nearby hostel.
All people talked about all day was how drunk they got the night before and how hungover they currently are, but those trite conversations didnt get that boring until at least 4 days into my stay there.
Laura, who ran Hostel Heike, bought all the crafts to make masks for the friday night party. There was everyhting from picasso to a can of panama to a Quebec superhero, to bra-goggles, and a tv dinner. It reminded me of the scandals party and the rivals party i went to a couple years back.
I realized the beast part about traveling is teaching foreigners english slang. I never thought explaining what a 'dork' was to Ariel could be a joke that lasted several days....

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