Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Bon Jovi Sucks

By sunday i think i´m over this place, but then theres an awesome bbq at the hostel on the nearby island. SO i figure i´ll stay until the highly recomended 80´s video and dress up power hour (and had to stay an extra day to celebrate Tom´s birthday). But 80s video power hours = awesome because i knew all the lyrics, but it sucked because at one point there were 5 out of 7 Bon Jovi songs in a row. Not to mention that It´s My Life came out around 2000 or 2001. F-
hopefully i will find the video of me bashing bon jovi, because he is a talentless asshole.

But before that, the day before 2 of the dutch boys who have this uncany Hanson resmbalance and this irish dude get arrested. So in an idiotic state, about 10 of us thought we could get get Big Dutch (aka Isaac Hanson), Baby Dutch (aka Zak Hanson), and Irish out of jail. A couple guys steal a streat meat cart and we make our way to the jail before realizing that the guard has a gun. and the street meat cart was no contender...Game over. (somehow they got released the next day without even a fine....Fuck Yea, Panama!) Oh and i made bomb Bananas Foster for everyone in the hostel (snap)

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