Tuesday, July 3, 2007

San Jose, CR x LA = Panama City

Turns out Panama Viejo and Casco Viejo are different places and on opposite sides of the city. causing me to see a block of worthless ruins and walking 5 miles back int the city.
Next day, turns out the colonial old town of Casco Viejo is essentially a run down ghetto, and looks like someone took a 500 year old european vity and bombed it.
Also turns out the aquarium on the causway in Panama City just has a few pish tanks, one kind of large turtle and a 5 foot shark.
Also i found out the the Panama Canal is not exciting. but it is interesting to note that a third lane is in the process of being built.

So why did i spend 4 days there...
well the 70´s school buses spraypainted with cartoon and comic characters and other random musings kept me entertained for a long time.
and when was the last time you went to a club where the cover band played nirvana, system of a down, and rage against the machine...
...and best of all, right next to the hostel was a great play for some gyros!!!...

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