Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Banana Bread and Turtle Eggs

Tortuguerro is located on the northern Caribeban coast of Costa Rica.About an hour boat ride from the nearest road, this little village of about 1000 people is one of the biggest nesting sites for turtles inth e world. Now i will s top sounding like a Lonly Plantet guide book and tell you that seeing a 4 foot turtle plop out about a 1000 eggs in a hole on the beach is surreal. dissapointingly the guides seem to not be that well educated in the research done with sea turtles especially the Green Turtle whcih we saw. The two day trip also included Steiny and I renting a canoe, and spending 5 hours traversing the little rivers and canals seeing tons of birds, monkeys and even a baby Caiman.

but this was just all a supplement to Dorleans Bakery which had the best Banana Bread in the whole world. One doesn√łt know what taste is until they carress little bits of banana bread with hidden chunks of bananas and peaches with their tounge. Oh man, one word: Glorious!

oh and the owner of the roach infested hostel was indeed a vato from oakland. well he certainly looked liked a really big Raiders fan. what a cool dude.

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