Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Ceviche and Kebabs

Back in San Jose for one last stroll before heading up to Leon, Nicaragua.
Last time Aaron and i made a big mistake and grubed at this pizza joint not realizing that there was a Kebab/Gyros/Doner stand across the street. So a visit was necessary.
Analysis: Great meat, good quality veggies, but mediocre sauce, and flabby pita. Though not stale, the pita lacked a classic chewiness that compliments the roasted shawarma meat. Also i was dissapointed with the fact that like traditional Doners, this was not overflowing with ingredients. But hey, it was only two bucks.

Even better was a stop at the central market--three times in the past two days. Two of those times Aaron and I (and the second time we brought a german friend along) sat at the counter of a Ceviche stand. nestled in between much of the meat and fish sellers, these guys must be making the best fish and shrimp ceviche around. While heavy on the lime and light on the chilies, the fish was tender and juicy and there were perfect amounts onions, and cilantro to top it off. I recommend adding some hot sauce and making sure you get some fresh tortilla chips and plantains on the side. (grand total: 2.50 for fish, 3.25 for shrimp)

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