Friday, August 3, 2007

The Los Zorros Sting Ray Attack

So Tina has this sweet place on the northern coast of nicaragua. About an hour walk from the northern tip of the coast.
I hopped on a bus with her and dennis and for three days we just hung out, had some Tonas and adjusted everyone's attitude.
It was a great tranquil break that i needed where i could just read, pee in a bodega, and go swimming...
until a Sting Ray flipped its tail through my foot!
so much pain, my whole leg was going numb. i've never had so much pain in my life. but luckily Tina la Gringa has an adopted Nica family that takes care of her and she takes care of them by teaching them english.

But shit, this Sting Ray really put my life into perspective. I know Steve Irwin was nailed in the chest, but i still thought to myself...what if i was to doe right now, in this tiny village at least 2 hours from the hearest hospital.
My hole take on life changed that afternoon as Arturo took a burning hot plantain to my foot and stopped my pain. A few cups of Flor De Cana also managed ot help a little as well.
i keep o nthining about what im going to do when i get back to the sates and am overwhelmed by options of jobs, careers, locations. i know in my life i can do it all, but i also know that it can end at any minute. So i guess i made the right descision to head to this awesome island in honduras and rave out for the next 24 hours.

For now, im glad i could give Tina and Dennis 20 gigs of music to make their night.

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