Thursday, August 23, 2007

San Pedro Highlights (other than banan bread)

Other highlights of San Pedro la Laguna include meeting up with tons of buddies from various other places of this trip including Tommy, Dan, Amy, Richard, the Swiss Girls, the Dutch Girls, Michiel, Nur, Moti, Tilly, Ed, and most randomly Rosie.
this is what we call wasting the day away at ZooLa, a mostly israeli hangout with great atmosphere and even better food:
Chillin with Sil(ly Man) who can alway be found freaking out and dancing like crazy at Freedom Bar:

Going on crazy Tuk Tuk rides with Tilly and Steve up and down steep ass hills one didnt think were possible to climb in what to me appears to be pretty much a tiny motorized Razor Scooter with a cover:
We also have seeing some awesome blues band that Dan jamed out with on his soprano sax...they were really, really, really good:
While at a bar dancing to some drum and bass and watching a little local dude paint a mural inside the bar recreating what appeared to be a cartoon Godzilla/Rampage/Power Ranger scene a crazy lone hiker with a full on beard and green hiking backpack rolls in and starts having a conversation with the painter before getting his groove on with all his equipment and his propoganda t-shirt. this was probably the funniest thing i´ve seen yet.
and finally...the market in Chichicastenago, one of the best in all of
central america

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