Thursday, August 23, 2007

¿Pan...Pan de Banano, Pan de Chocolate, Pan De Coco?

Okay, so i know i keep on going off about banana bread, but as soon as I got of the boat at San Pedro La Laguna, on Lake Atitlan in Guatemala, i was greeted by Juanita, the cutest little short mayan woman who was selling none other than Banana Bread! So immediately i pulled out 5 quetzals and got a loaf which was hearty and scrumptious but not the best.

Soon after and during the next week in this town filed with ex-pat hippies, cool bars and cheep food, i realized that there is a whole racket of banana, chocolate, and coconut bread sellers. they all look the same and they all hound you constantly. I havent gone 10 minutes without being asked if i wanted some kind of bread, even when im in a restaurant, bar, or hostel. I asked Juanita who was ¨Él Jefé¨ and she said that her sister and two others are the main cooks.

But the business runs like a mafia ring. If you dont sell enough or dont bring back enough money one´s salary gets cut by the lead Pimp of banana bread. Its a vicious trade.

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