Friday, August 17, 2007

street fair, real estate salesmen, and trance dance

After not being able to go to Semuc Chempey because of some floods, i decided to meet back up with Jenny and Angharod in Antigua. they werent digging the mild weather wich was a great relief for me so they left me to read in the beautiful Central Park of Antigua, probably the prettiest city i´ve seen so far in Central America--which makes up for the insane abundance of americans ´studying´ spanish.
in the process of reading Collapse (instead of Lolita, since a bunch of kids were running around, and i felt like it was somewhat creepy to read Lolita around kids) this House and Apartment salesman strikes up a conversation with me. and while his friendliness was somewhat creepy, it was great talking to someone in Spanish.
so we go off to a festival in the nearby town and he still is trying to sell me a house as a stare at bootleg CD salesman with the Rosie Odonell Jean Jacket!!!

...and somewhat creepy dude keeps on bumping into me telling me to stop by his office and check out his plans.
instead i went to a bar with a bunch of people whom i had initially met in Utila and wrecked the dance floor with my amazing trance dancing skills. i must give my electro dance skills credit to non other than Alex Toplansky who taught me some years ago to flip out when at lame ass clubs in Montreal.

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