Friday, September 21, 2007

Pacaya: The Active One...well a chicken bus story first

Sick of San Pedro's sleaze and excited that I could finally walk easily 23 days after the sting ray attack, I told everyone I was hanging out with that I needed out, especially since it was a perfect chance to climb Pacaya, an active volcano that lets you walk into a crater of extremely sharp, jagged black and silver volcanic rock with pockets of lava flowing around.

A hectic bus ride out of the lake valley leaving San Pedro left me in a bad mood. Knowing that the bus fare should be no more than 20 Quetzales, the dude tried to charge me 25. Now even though this is a difference of 75 cents, I still felt that this act was completely racist and un-called for. Even the old Mayan lady and dude next to me told me that they were paying 20 to go an hour further, all the way to Guate.
So I told the money collector off. He tried to kick me off the bus at an intersection at 4am, and then tried to tell me the cops were going to come on. But im not afraid of a frail 5 foot Guatemalan dude. So I got him where it hurt. Told Him that his actions were unjust and questioned, 'What would Jesus do?'
so he shut the fuck up and didnt bother me again.

oh...i forgot about the volcano

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