Friday, September 21, 2007

The Lanquin County Fair

on the way to Lanquin, a town in central Guatemala, and a great place to stay when visiting the pools of Semuc Champey, I hop on a bus and see Richard, Michiel, Esther, and Kerin. Sweet.
So we get to El Retiro Lodge, a lot of sweet cabins, on a river, with a great restaurant, bar, music store and sweet folks. First thing im thinking when i show up is, 'I'm tired of traveling and this looks like it would be a sweet place to work for the last three weeks of my trip.'

And even better, we showed up on the day of the annual rodeo and town fair. Now i've seen a few rodeos on tv before, but never live, so i was excited. and let me tell you something....I probably could have 'ridden' these cows just as well as most of the guys, who could barely make it out of the cage on the shocked, kicked and beaten cows.
...but it was cool seeing some dudes getting their ass kicked, an old man serenading us with cheesy ballads, and miss lanquin!
the fair was filled with tents for foosball, taco vendors, trying to get a coin on a plate for a Super Cola, and a ferris wheel operated manually.

all i gotta say is this...Chicken is Nice!

oh shit, and at midnight is was my birthday...word to 22!

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