Saturday, June 30, 2007

I Created a Blog

Okay, i finally realized that i need to create a blog for my 3 month trip through central and perhaps south america. This is mostly so i can remember what i did, and some of the things i write may not make sense to all, but others who are interested in how i am wasting my life and being irresponsible are more than welcome to read on.

i have three goals for this trip:
meet awesome people
improve my spanish
and find the best street meat in this part of the world



mjrjr said...

you already have the best street meat in the world.

but seriously - your travel know how is inspirational. keep it up avishai!

The French Forest said...

an not die of food posioning.

number 4.

Tom said...

Avishai--You pass-the-test Mahn. Rasta Fari. Ras Lukus would be proud. Would say Yah Mahn, Rasta Mahn.--Lot's of people out there look like me, like the guy at the Hostel. We be the "survivors" Mahn. We were among the "earlier" pioneers. So glad you travel, you go way yes evermore. Bon Vovi not so bad in his way. Where you stand is what you see. Be in more than one place at a time; Yah Mahn. Rasta Fari! YoYoMa Tom